This is a top-class food sake that maintains the softness typical of Fushimi's famous sake, while maintaining a high level of balance between complex aromas and flavors through long-term aging in jars.

Tsuki no Katsura 1992/2012 with ripe and warm

熟成年数over 10 years
  • 10000円~50000円未満
  • 10年以上(熟成)
  • 食中酒(前菜以降)
  • 薄黄、薄緑
  • すべての商品
  • ノンヴィンテージ
  • 醸造元:増田德兵衞商店
  • アルコール度数:17 degrees
  • 容量:720ml
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There is a description of aged sake in the Edo period ``Honchochokan''. Based on this, we assemble two types of sake that have been aged for a long period of time using porcelain jars fired at high temperatures to create an original sake with complexity.

The sake is polished using soft water from Kyoto, and the far-infrared effect of the jar creates a mellower and smoother drink.
Pour into a large glass, let the aroma accumulate in the bowl, and enjoy slowly. Alternatively, sip it at room temperature or lukewarm in a flat cup (open-mouthed cup) to incorporate air and enjoy a richer aroma. Both are recommended.

* Since jars are used for storage and the conditions vary depending on the jar, there are individual differences even within the same vintage.

原材料Rice (domestic), rice malt (domestic)
アッサンブラージュYes (1992 and 2012)

△Cool (around 10℃)
◎Room temperature
◎Nukewarm (around 40℃)
○ Warm sake (around 45℃)
Hot sake (around 50℃)

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  • Nobuhiro Ueno
    (Mature and Warm Bar Master / Toki SAKE Association Executive Director)

    A fragrance that suits the word "Taoyaka". The aroma is not burnt, but rather fragrant.

    The harmony is wonderful, and the flavor gradually spreads.
    It has all the so-called "five tastes" well, and if you look for the taste, you can find any number of them.

    There is a bit of astringency at the end, so it is good warm. I want to enjoy it warmly and warmly in a spacious bowl like a flat sake cup.

    A gentle approach, but a drink that makes you say, “It’s delicious!”