About Us

Fresh Sake has variety of attractive points, but more so are matured ones. They get complicated nuances and depth as time accumulates.

Many tend to forget that matured sake had been courted most up until early Meiji period.


You may enjoy delicate balance between mouthful Umami and refreshing acidity and then find hidden spice tones behind them.

Some have cacao flavor and others might offer Sherry-like sweetness and bitterness.

Changing the serving temperature would open up totally different Sake experiences.

Matured sake would widen the horizon of the Sake culture for you.


We want more sake lovers would enjoy this attractive culture of matured sake and started Jyuku to Kan, a specialized matured-sake retailer.

Jyuku means maturation and Kan signifies warming Sake in Japanese.


It is somewhat challenging to find high quality matured-sake, so we would only source directly from trustworthy sake brewers not from market. We also ask independent tasters to check quality of the products (except for items of very limited availability) so that we can offer highly qualified products.


In our website, we show our suggestions on serving temperature, taste types, aging years, and comments from tasters as much as possible, for your selection of matured-sake suiting your own taste.

In our retail shop in Tokyo, you could talk to our specialist and even taste some of the products.


We look forward to helping your enhanced Sake experience.